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Dress Up

The Veranda Restaurant at the Wichita Falls Country Club offers our Members consistently impeccable service in a charming environment with the very best views in North Texas.</p> <p>Enjoy a no-rush dining experience while you choose the perfect cocktail, meal, and dessert from the tempting and diverse menus created by our Executive Chef Brent Jackson.</p> <p>Offering world-inspired cuisine alongside masterfully prepared local favorites, your meal at the Wichita Falls Country Club is sure to be a culinary experience unlike any other!</p> <p> <a href="/getmedia/e61a131c-7aa6-48a7-ac41-1e4bf0ab7a33/WFCC_Dinner_Menu.aspx" target="_blank" class="e3-button titleSumBtn">dinner menu</a> <a href="/getmedia/48e79bf2-617d-4101-ad4c-34db59aebf9c/WFCC_Sunday_Brunch_Menu.aspx" target="_blank" class="e3-button titleSumBtn">brunch menu</a>

Dress Down

After a relaxing round of golf or an exciting game of Pickleball, venture over to the 19th Hole Restaurant to enjoy all your favorite menu items in a casual setting.</p> <p>Able to accommodate both large groups and tables for two, the 19th Hole is a great place for Members to enjoy some well-deserved deliciousness while watching the game.</p> <p><a href="/getmedia/e61a131c-7aa6-48a7-ac41-1e4bf0ab7a33/WFCC_Dinner_Menu.aspx" target="_blank" class="e3-button titleSumBtn">dinner menu</a> <a href="/getmedia/17d7043d-a92b-4cec-a812-f4ee6e4dbb5f/WFCC_Lunch_Menu.aspx" class="e3-button titleSumBtn Btn1" target="_blank" >lunch menu</a> <a href="/getmedia/c44f598a-ab44-4f4d-9cb9-c16a90b81bb8/WFCC_Breakfast_Menu.aspx" class="e3-button titleSumBtn" target="_blank" >breakfast menu</a>

Kick Back

Whether you want to unwind with your significant other, talk business with a colleague, enjoy a card game with friends, or kick back and watch the game, our Cocktail Lounge is the perfect place for you to settle in.</p> <p>Grab your drink of choice and leave the noisy bars behind as you enjoy the comfortable furniture and classic ambiance of a space that welcomes you like home.</p> <p> <a href="/getmedia/6f1b5e23-db2a-4eb3-ac47-763e7f212294/WFCC_Cocktail_Menu.aspx" class="e3-button titleSumBtn" target="_blank" >specialty cocktails</a>

Raise A Glass

With the pull of a curtain, our Cork Room transforms from sun-drenched beauty into evening enchantment. Perfect for intimate parties, the Cork Room provides a truly stunning setting for an anniversary dinner, birthday party, or lovely little luncheon your guests are sure to remember.</p> <p>Reserve the Cork Room today and savor an extraordinary dining experience with a beautiful wine cellar backdrop.</p> <p><a href="/getmedia/34ab645d-2e79-45bf-932b-2f49e2f6e35c/WFCC_Wine_List.aspx" class="e3-button titleSumBtn" target="_blank">wine list</a>